From Zurich with Watches

Five reasons to use our services

1. We help you save time! Zurich, just as Geneva, can be called the capital of the world watchmaking. Dozens of stores offer hundreds of watch brands and thousands of watch models. Finding the right kind of watch can be pretty daunting and time-consuming. We can show you the shortest path to the watch of your dreams!
2. FZWW are independent consultants. We do not receive commission from the watch stores, which means that we always have our client’s best interests at heart. We will help you find the best deal in town and save money!
3. At FZWW we provide expert advice on watchmaking. Our experts have got long years of experience in working with the leading publications about watchmaking. We keep an eye on the latest news and fashion trends in the watch industry. We can help you make the right choice!
4. We’re collaborating with many watch makers and we can help you make a purchase directly from the manufacturer. Moreover, we can arrange a visit to the watch factory or an atelier where you can see with your own eyes the magic of watchmaking.
5. Even Swiss watches break down once in a while. At FZWW we’re collaborating with the best watch makers in Switzerland. We can organize the repair and maintenance of your watch through the most reliable and efficient service centers in Zurich.
The price of the watch tour is 80 CHF per hour.

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