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Frequently Asked Questions

Quartz or mechanics?
The watches with the quartz movement have a lot of advantages compared to the mechanical watches: accuracy, low price and minimum of service which implies only battery replacement. Owner of the mechanical watch should keep in mind the necessity of daily winding and regular service that costs money. Argument in favor of the mechanical watch is only one - prestige. An interesting marketing phenomenon - people are still ready to spend a lot of money on "impractical" mechanical watches.
Can a watch be an investment?
Watches can be considered as investment if they meet following minimal requirements:
1. Prestigious brand
2. Mechanical movement
3. Caliber of own manufacture
4. Limited series/edition
5. Complications
6. Refined decoration
It is important that watches have a well documented "pedigree". The price can increase dramatically if the watch was once owned by a celebrity.


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